Arundhati, the morning star, according to hindu mythology was the daughter of Maharishi Patanjali and wife of one of the saptarishis, Sage Vasishta. She is considered to be a very pious and a devoted wife. Hence, she is remembered in hindu rituals along with the other satis like Sati,Sita, Savithri and Damayanti. These 5 devoted wives are remembered as panchsatis. In south Indian brahmin marriage rituals, the bride is take outside to see the morning star (seeing the arundhati), which is a part of the Great Bear/Ursa Major constellation. This is done in order to advice the bride to be devoted to her husband as Arundhati was to her husband.

As Arundhati is remembered as a star, she is the witness to all the happenings on the earth during the day and night. There couldn't be a better witness to all these stories told to us over generations. My father's name is Patanjali and as I author these stories keeping the Supreme Lord and my husband in mind, no other name better than Arundhati could be more felicitous as the title of this blog.

These stories are not invented by me but is retold in this blog as it was retold me by my elders at home using various textual references like the Hindu scriptures and epics.